Drink Recipes

Every now and then we come across odd liquors.  While this blog and my drinking tastes aren’t currently set for the non traditional liquors, I thought I’d share a recipe every now and then when I do get something unique.

Drink Name: X Rated Writer
Liquor sent to us:  X Rated – Fusion Blended Liqueur.  This is a blend of French Vodka and Sicilian blood Orange, mango and passion fruit.

1.5 ml X Rated
1.0 blended scotch (I drink Grants)
Splash of Red Vermouth
Fill a shaker with ice, pour in ingredients and pour into an Old FAshiuoned

I served this to the S. O. one night and found it interesting.  The X Rated came across and wasn’t as overpowering to my scotch as I thought it would be.  I think if I were to change this, I’d use crushed ice and pour the entire thing into an  Old Fashiuoed.

Picture to come.

Link to X Rated

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