Welcome to my personal permanent staples page of cigars!  You’ll find my reviews of the things that stay in my humidor or that I smoke year round due to superb taste, high quality and excellent construction and consistency. We’ll feature cigar reviews on both this blog and my Radio Dentata show, Pure Indulgence

For a primer on cigars and cigar culture, visit Cigar Aficdionado The link points to their “About Cigars” section.

The Standards:

While I was coming up with the standards for what I can and can’t review by the Blog’s guidelines, I realized two things. Unlike wine or liquor, cigars can be picked up both online and at brick and mortar stores BUT the price differences vary quite some. Take for example the Padron 4000. I can get that at Grants in SF for exactly $10.40 a stick. I can get that same cigar online from for about $7.00. AFTER shipping it’s $10 but why would I just buy one?

Liquor and wine don’t (to my knowledge) have this problem.

We will from January 3rd on have two sets of standards to review cigars. What’s up here now was for content and to draw some attention as I’ve reviewed some standards but once a month I will purchase an outstanding cigar from Grants or Tobacco Road. Also, as products come in to review we’ll list those up as appropriate.

ONLINE: Average price for a good quality smoke is about $7 or so, so the cigars that we get to review from online retailers will cost no less than $10.

OFFLINE: Average price in most shops here in the Bay Area hover around $8-$10 for a good stick, so our bottom end will be $12.

In my humidor, the following are staples and I prefer bigger ring gauge/size cigars due to smoking time allowed.   This is a personal choice.

From Ecuador we have Don Cervantes. Don Cervantes – Masterpiece Platinum: Review found here Seriously if you can get your hands on these, grab them by the boatload. They’re that good. The pricepoint is definitely on target for a standard to be set and Max and crew make a fine cigar that delivers on every promise from construction to style to flavor. Rich and complex, these cigars are incredible. Max is a humble character with a passion for what he likes.

My usual go to smoke Padron Thousand series

I usually smoke the 4000 or 7000 at Grants because those cigars are large enough for me to smoke for about two hours and have such limited production runs that allows the maker/rollers to maintain consistency.  My review of the Padron 4000 is here.

Padron 1964 Anniversario My review can be found here but I must put this down as a go to stick when I want to spend extra.

We move from Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic with Cuesta Rey and JC Newman’s Diamond Crown Maximus.  the latter I can’t afford on a regular basis but I reviewed the Cuesta Rey 989 Cabinet here.    The Diamond Crown line is their higher end line and is very refined and creamy with a rich taste that smokers will find enjoyable.  The price point on the Cuesta Rey Centrofinos aren’t too bad at about $50 a box for 10 online.

Ashton VSG A cigar I recently had but will be working on keeping in my humidor. Light, airy, creamy with plenty of complexity,this smoke just wowed me and I’ve had a few more since then.

Tatuaje – by Pete Johnson. The Brown and Red labels make their way into my humidor frequently as the sticks are solid, flavorful and well constructed. The tastes are balanced and the cigars develop complexity over time. Pete’s a great guy.

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    Thank you for the quick response , that is very encouraging. The reason I am asking is that my association is hosting a Cigar Dinner Fundraiser in Jack London Square (Oakland, Ca) on Nov 7.
    I wanted to get the word out for more ticket sales . Any thoughts on that ?
    (510) 287-6291
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