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Spirit Review – Hangar One Buddha’s Hand Vodka

Forget ALL OTHER VODKAS!  Hangar One made by St. George’s Spirits in Alameda, CA does this vodka just like it does every other craft distilled spirit they’ve put out.  With concise care and precision, using the purest ingredients and seasonal fruits.

I know, this sounds like a commercial, but we at Pure Indulgence do not boast lightly.  When searching for a vodka of quality I look for three things:

  1. Drinkability
  2. Complexity
  3. Finish

The finish being the most important part, honestly.  Vodkas I’ve had in the past that had all three have been rare so far since I really steered away from vodka in the latter half of 2006, but never have I shied away from St. George’s.

Lets break it down:

Drinkability:  First off, this vodka is clean.  The nose of the buddha’s hand vodka smells sweet with tiny hints of dirt/earth ONLY if you’re paying attention, otherwise you get a crisp all the way to the finish we’ll get into momentarily.

Complexity:  Vodka isn’t meant to really stir a myriad of flavors, even flavored vodkas.  In our drinking culture we’re more often dealing with vodka as mixers rather than the main course.  I prefer it neat personally but others may have their preferences.  This is a vodka you can enjoy straight or on the rocks.

Finish:  Ah yes, the finish. Yes I sound pretentious don’t I?  (It’s cause I am!) The best way to really enjoy this vodka is to drink it, then breath in the fumes as you swallow at the end, so they go throughout your entire olfactory senses, giving you more than a mouthful of fruit.  And yes, a clean, fruity finish will leave you satisfied.

On a different note, I did one day decide to replace the bourbon in my Manhattan (I know, should be rye, Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell good rye yet) with the Buddha’s Hand.  That was interesting in itself, but it needed something with a little more kick to combat the sweetness from my vermouth.  Something to give it a little kick. Not bad though.

Oh, one more thing.  If you can get the vodka at the distillery, it’s usually cheaper than at the stores.

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Cigar Review – Tatuaje Verocu Red Tubo

Tatuaje Verocu Red Tubo – Sorry for my crappy photography skills!

You’d think I”d come back with this blog and make a bang by reviewing something totally different, right?  I suppose we at Pure Indulgence like to stick with the classics, and this cigar is no exception.

My Tatuaje Red Tubo sat in my humidor for almost three years before I decided it was time to just smoke it and only because I’d just edited all day.  I thought initially the cigar would have lost some flavor the way the SW Reserva had (had one in my humidor for two years and it just…it was good but not great but that might have been my fault) but I was wrong. 

Let’s start with the basics of the cigar.  From the get go, construction is top notch.  Pete Johnson knows his craft well.  Upon lighting the cigar, I picked up instant notes suggesting the cigar still had life in it as hints of sweetness wafted over my senses.

Following said excellent construction is the perfect draw which brought notes of spice that mellowed into a sweetness throughout the cigar.  At one point I thought of a sweet bread.  I know, odd for a cigar right?  But I know a guy who swore he tasted Frankincense in the regular Tatuaje Red Label.  Also, I usually pick up notes of cardamom in the Red Label.

Second third of the cigar still burns well, draws well and lets that sweetness dance across the palate until it gives way to subtle notes of pepper and spice followed by a woodsy, almost leathery taste.

The finish ended with the sweetness returning ever so slightly but to be honest, I was more concerned for my fingers as I’d literally smoked the entire cigar down to the last half inch.

If Pete makes more of this blend ever, I’d highly suggest you pick it up and Indulge. 

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We’re BACK!

After a failed attempt to really rock things over at Radio Dentata, your humble wine and cigar expert had to cut back on projects including this one due to time spent in my career as an author.

But I’ve missed this blog and missed this part of my life too.  So we’re going to get back to what matters after a hard day’s work.  Relaxing with a good bottle of wine, a complex, enjoyable cigar and letting our day end.

We’re going to revisit some of the cigar blends we’ve mentioned, (Yes, Don Cervantes is a staple in my humidor when I can get them) and talk more about some of the great wines we’ve been drinking over the last few months, plus mention upcoming stuff too.

I’m not sure how often we’ll update just yet, but I’ve got a ton of new cigars and wines to put up here, plus some bourbons, scotches, and other whiskies.  Should be fun!

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we’re moving soon!

Think Radio Dentata is going to host the site and provide me with a more stable URL. It’s been a long time in the works but once we launch the new site I’d love to hear feedback.

Until then, stick around. I’ll continue posting regularly next week. Been swamped as an erotic romance author/editor. Don’t worry, we’re not going downhill, but having two careers is a pain in the ass sometimes, even if I can drink and smoke in both jobs LOL!

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Pure Indulgence on Radio Dentata

Hey Folks,

It’s been several weeks since we have had an episode of Pure Indulgence on Radio Dentata and due to the latest server crash/hack attempt, shows got lost. Thankfully I had the master copies so once I figure out what’s what, we’ll be uploading and playing again. I think though in light of my normal workload we might go to a once a month format.

Maybe twice a month, who knows.

Radio Dentata - Uncensored 24X7 radio for Adults

I wanted to update the readers of this blog though. On an upcoming show we DO discover one of the tenets to The Pure Indulgence lifestyle. So stick around to Radio Dentata for that announcement!

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Wine Review: Cornerstone Cellars 2007 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

First off, I have to state that this wine is an incredible one. The folks at Cornerstone Cellars did an outstanding job as usual. We’d had this bottle lying around for some time as a wine I picked up of theirs some time back seemed to be a little young, so I let this one sit for six months. Glad I did because the wine nose is very powerful, yet typical of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lush and full with leathery thickness on the palate, this medium to full bodied wine hits like a freight train on the mouth. It’s delicious, starting off with spice and balance to compliment the leather notes and chewy mouthfeel.

Soon on Pure Indulgence, we’re going to interview Craig from Cornerstone Cellars but until then, give his wines a try.

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Balvenie Roadshow Masterclass Tasting Notes

First off I want to say I’ve been a scotch drinker for a very long time but the scotch we normally drink, made by William Grant is a great blended drink but it’s just that. For the price, it works for our household right now since we’re not living in extreme decadence *g*

However when an opportunity arises to not only experience a Pure Indulgence moment but to share it with the world, and for FREE, I say let’s take it! On the night of May 3rd, we were invited to a private tasting with about fifteen others at Le Colonial in San Francisco.

The restaurant itself is an older style building with a definite feel for exquisite food and clientele. Our private tasting was held upstairs by a man named Nicholas Pollachi, one of five Balvenie Ambassadors in the world who charmed us with humor, education and of course his Scottish accent. Sadly I didn’t get any video of this like I did with the Los Gatos Cigar Tasting. But here are my notes on five different releases:

First up: Balvenie 12 year Doublewood -Aged not once but twice. First in bourbon casks typical of how whisky is kept, and then a second aging occurs in more impressive oloros sherry casks giving the 12 year a slight sweetness. More often than not this is what I’m drinking at Occidental with my cigars.

Next: Balvenie 15 year single cask – This particular juice has hints of vanilla and oak from the Bourbon cask it was aged in. It’s a slightly dryer scotch with a nice finish and some floral notes on the nose.

The 14 year Carribean Cask -I had the privilege of tasting this at Occidental a few months back and was wowed. The nose had hints of things you’d normally associate with quality rum. A medium finish complimented the floral flavors on the nose and palate. Even better was the fact that this particular scotch is very easy to drink.

The Portwood 21 year – For fans of port, this particular offering has just the perfect nose, smells of porn infuse into the scotch from the barrels it was aged in. With an easy mouthfeel, this particular scotch is smooth with a floral back end on the palate with port-like notes and a light smokiness.

Lastly, we sampled the 17 year peated cask – This is for fans of the peated whiskies. The process used to achieve is rather unique in that it’s not a true peat malt offering . A good amount of smokiness followed by a soft nose, compliments this whiskey. This is a dryer style offering.

Overall, the tasting was fantastic and even better, Nicholas is a cigar smoker so when he returns to San Francisco we’ll have him on Radio Dentata’s Pure Indulgence.

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Don Cervantes Interview Part Four

Max Myers continues talking to Pure Indulgence about the Don Cervantes cigars, charity and worker treatment in the Ecuadorian Factory while we enjoyed the Masterpiece Platinum. Review here

The interview was conducted in November of 2010 for Radio Dentata‘s Pure Indulgence at the Occidental Cigar Club

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Los Gatos Cigar Event featuring Don Cervantes

We had a great time at Los Gatos Cigar Club talking to other cigar smokers, interviewing a few of the folks to talk about libations, cigars and of course learn more about Don Cervantes luxury cigars.

Below you’ll see a few pictures of the event, mostly the cigars, Max from ACC Cigars, some of the cigar accessories, and soon I’ll have a link to the podcast interview on Radio Dentata

It was definitely a fun event and I’m looking forward to doing more. Thanks to the folks at JMG for all their hard work and a special shoutout to Rich at Los Gatos, for his shop promoting the Good Life.

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Don Cervantes Cigars Video Interview Part 3

This is part three of the Don Cervantes video interview we did back with Max Myers in October of 2010. Find cigar reviews here.

The podcast originally aired in January of 2011 on Pure Indulgence, a famed Radio Dentata show hosted by moi.

Don Cervantes MasterPiece Platinum on Ash

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