Our Mission

We’re taking the good life and making it your life!

I am Sascha, the White Wolf and owner of the site. Life is one of frustration, stress and sometimes, nasty unpleasantries. Yet it doesn’t have to be. The mission of this site is to educate and bring quality products that embody The Good Life to your life, through reviews, interviews on my show Pure Indulgence and commentary on the state of the Luxury Liquor and cigar industry.

We realize that not every day can someone light up an expensive cigar or crack open a high end Chateau Lafite. Nor can we all have the opportunity to sample Remy-Marti’s Louis XIII. In fact, the Remy is an even rarer treat due to cost.

The average consumer may not even know where to begin but have a desire for refining their palate. Or the educated consumer may be looking for something different, which is what we hope to provide.

We are not pretentious, though we seek high quality. Liquors reviewed should be balanced and have character that speaks of the land, the skill in the blender and even their personality should come through in the spirit or wine. Cigar makers should craft sticks with care, love and again have a taste that settles in the mouth, relaxes the mind and makes for enjoyment.

We allow ourselves permission to enjoy the finer things in life. We don’t judge, we don’t come with preconceived notions.

We are Pure Indulgence.

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