Wines and Ports

This was a tough page to write the first time around due to the ever changing growing of my palate and the fact that we try so many wines.

The Standards must be in place for wines to be reviewed. There are so many sites dedicated to finding the perfect value bottle, those non elusive bottles of wine that are $10 and under but taste like $15 or so. That’s not what we’re about. I’ll tweet about what I’m drinking but will list favorites on the blog with a price point starting at no lower than $18.

For Port, this will be a little more difficult but I think we’ll break that down into vintages as I grow and we’ll post those standards soon.

All bottles tasted were in 750ml size.

Wines I’ve had so far that qualify:

Garre 1997 Merlot – Dark berry flavors with smooth tannins and a delicious velvety mouth feel. Long pleasing finish on this slightly brown tinted merlot. Btw, I had a chance to barrel taste the 2000 and I think it’ll be a great wine too! From Livermore, California

Caymus Conundrum NV – A blended wine that I used to drink as my staple in a wine bar in Houston before they folded. Crisp, clean, fruity and fresh, there was balance on the palate with a long finish. This is a blended wine with a secret formula and retails for about $25 a bottle. Apricots, pears and apple notes mix well due to the oak aging.

Cornerstone Cellars Napa Valley 2004 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon – a Powerhouse wine with subtleties of berry, rich dark fruit and an opulent nose. A long finish compliments steaks and dark gamey meats. Retail is about $65 a bottle.

New to my palate/cellar: Charles Creek 2004 Miradero. Read my review here Retail: $32 or slightly less as it’s an older vintage. Still drinking well.

Just about anything out of Aussie Vineyards seems to be a winner still. We're finding these inexpensively at grocery Outlet though they retail for much higher. The Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay are all well worth the few bucks spent. under Buckley's Cove or Fly labels.

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