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Champagne Review – Leon Launois NV Epernay

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Wine Review – Veuve De Vernay

I think I paid about $10 for this impressive sparkler from France. Enjoy the video review! Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and that means we’ve got a lot more to get through in the realm of smoking and drinking!  Yes, the FDA’s bullshit ruling on new cigars will make it very difficult for innovation in flavor but there are plenty of cigars on the market that we will be trying, many of whom … Continue reading

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Cigar Review – Camacho Triple Maduro

I’d managed to snag this cigar in the Atlanta area, at a liquor store of all places.  I’d been wanting to try it and see what the hype was about and was honestly surprised to find it in a well kept humidor in said liquor store.   Considering my first true triple Maduro was the Tres Maduro … Continue reading

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Pure Indulgence on Radio Dentata

Hey Folks, It’s been several weeks since we have had an episode of Pure Indulgence on Radio Dentata and due to the latest server crash/hack attempt, shows got lost. Thankfully I had the master copies so once I figure out what’s what, we’ll be uploading and playing again. I think though in light of my … Continue reading

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Max Myers Interview and Video Part II

We continue the interview with Max from The Occidental Cigar Club in San Francisco. Advertisements Continue reading

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Upcoming Pure Indulgence

We’ve been lax in recording new shows due to my appearance at DragonCon 2010 where I was a panelist for one of the late night adult panels. Fun thing that, in the middle of our panel, the folks next door came over and offered us free homemade brew. The dark colored fuller bodied stout had … Continue reading