Austrailian Wines / Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Review: Aussie Vineyards Twelve Apostles South Eastern 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

From South Eastern Austrailia, this wine boasts balanced tannins and chocolate on the palate with a creamy oak feel in the mouth. A medium bodied Cab from Aussie Vineyards. A ripe berry nose that opens up after time. Paired well with steak covered in african spice mixture and fried potato slices.

This wine is priced at just under $20 but I picked it up for less at Grocery Outlet.


11 thoughts on “Wine Review: Aussie Vineyards Twelve Apostles South Eastern 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. My friend in the states also found this at a Grocery outlet in the Sacramento, CA area at $2.99 a bottle. He loved it, went back and bought a case one day and another the next.

  2. I’m looking for a couple of cases of Twelve Apostles Cab Sav to give as gifts…I need them tomorrow… I’m in Highett Victoria. Can someone tell me where I can purchase any in the bayside area?

  3. Sorry, but the unfamiliar flavor of the wood in this bottle gives me the creeps.
    Maybe I need catching up with the acquired flavor, but I detect eucalyptus, or some foreign wood to my taste buds, and pray so someone please explain directly.
    I’ll wait a spell for the after effects. Purgatives are welcome, but not on a regular basis. Who might I break this bottle out on is a much larger question? Someone with a need for medicinal, no disrespect, for wine making is a great labor, unlike milking cows, flavors which follow the seasons of grass and garlic, but curiosity peaks my interest more than familiar Cabernet, otherwise I would drink straight our kiddy brand of Welch’s grape juice.

    • Yes, this flavor rhymes with tobacco, a most annoying flavor for non-smokers. I shall anticipate a soothing mental ambiance, and digestive harmony in tune with my palette, after which I shall introduce the experience to others. I shall not reveal credits to the alcohol content before the second glass.

  4. Good strong Aussie wine. Always buy an extra bottle for my priest since the name is Biblical.
    Knocks me out after working as a nurse on night shift and gives me a great sleep. Goes well with my scrambled eggs. Who the hell are the dudes on the label?

  5. This is one of the nicest cabs [for the price]
    i have tasted. I WANT to buy more and more. August 1,2011

  6. Bought a bottle in Moses Lake, Washington. Didn’t crack it open until that weekend in Wenatchee, WA. Took a long detour out of my way to go back to Moses Lake to pick up 3 cases of the 2009 Cab. Nice wine, not too heavy or dry… I have a bottle of 12 Apostles Chardonnay to crack open and try later.

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